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Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench


Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

No more fighting with oil filter caps with Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench. This durable material won’t crack under pressure, and won’t break, enabling the wrench to unscrew the tightest of filter caps without blowing any damage.

✅Easy to use
✅Strong grip

Want to start saving money by changing your own oil? Has your oil changed from the comforts of your garage or driveway with a little bit of time and labor with this Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench? Designed to be an easier way to remove oil filters, this two-way adjustable oil filter wrench will work on most vehicles.

This Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench can help you do the task more efficiently. It works on most common-sized vehicles and small-engine filters, such as motorcycles. They are adjustable and have right-angle teeth for grip and long handles that help you reach into tight spaces.


  • FUNCTIONAL WRENCH - This oil filter wrench is designed to help you remove the toughest filters on your vehicle. It has a strong grip and anti-skid design that holds up to half of the filter for a greater grip.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Removes 60mm – 80mm diameter traditional spin-off canister style oil filters in all kinds of vehicles. This tool is for oil filter removal only, not for installation.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Made of top-rated high-carbon steel material that’s rust-proof, this Oil Filter Wrench is built to last. Also created with a high-quality spring full of elasticity for reliable performance.

  • USE WITH EASE - Helps change oil in no time with its spring-loaded construction for easy fitting and removal. Use it with a half-bent rod or ratchet wrench when changing oil.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - This oil filter remover provides a low clearance, helping users dislodge filters even in tight spaces. It firmly holds the oil filter cap with its tooth-style design for a better grip and less slip.


  • Material: High-Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 473g
  • Size: 10 x 10 x 10cm/ 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9”
  • Scope: 60mm- 80mm


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