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Baby Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Heartbeat Detector


Baby Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Heartbeat Detector

Hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time with our Baby Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Heartbeat Detector. Finally, you can monitor and listen to them even you are just in the comfort of your home. This can’t be missed!

✔️ Built-in speaker with high fidelity sound
✔️ Large LCD screen display
✔️ Can be used without gel
✔️ Handheld device
✔️ A DIY prenatal device at your home


  • PRACTICAL & FUNCTIONAL DEVICE – This baby fetal doppler is a device to use for detection of the fetal heart rate and fetal heartbeat sound to listen and help us to determine the fetal viability. Easy to operate.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – It can give you clear fetal heart sound and it is compatible with both earphones and speakers. Perfect to listen and record the fetal’s heartbeat when she is 12 weeks above.
  • COMPACT & HANDY – Share the wonderful baby’s heartbeat with your family and friends at your home or even at your friend’s house. It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry device that fits perfectly in your bag.

  • DEPENDABLE & SAFE – It’s a high sensitivity probe that is waterproof, made from medical grade material, no radiation to detect, low ultrasound power to ensure that the fetus is safe.
  • LCD SCREEN DISPLAY – The LCD screen will show you a multi-parameter working mode that monitors your baby's fetal heart display, clear fetal heart rate, and battery life of the device. 


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Pink+White
  • Display: 45mm×20mm
  • Suitable Range: 12 weeks above
  • Probe Operating Frequency: 2.0MHz ± 10%
  • Fetal Heart Rate Range: 50-240BPM
  • Power: 2x AA battery (For transportation reason, batteries are not allowed to be shipped by air, you need to prepare it yourself)
  • Size: 6.3x3x13cm /2.5"x1.2"x5.1"
  • Probe Size: 3.2x10.4cm/1.3"x4.1"
  • Probe Cable: 1.5m/59


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