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Magnetic Heat Vibration Knee Massager


Magnetic Heat Vibration Knee Massager

Knee pain can disturb your entire life. If you’re an active person, it makes any workout almost impossible to perform. And even if you don’t regularly exercise, we all walk, squat down, climb stairs and move in other ways throughout the day. Knee pain can make all of those things excruciating.

The Electric Knee Massager is a great aid to reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain caused by arthritis, injuries, and soreness to the knee joint by sending heat, vibrations, and magnetic energy through your tendons and joints and is useful in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Ideal for both men and women, elder folks as well as young adults that are facing knee problems.

StructuredShop knee pads Electric Knee Massager With Heat Therapy


  • PAIN RELIEF: Helps reduce swellingstiffness, and pain caused by arthritisinjuries, and other conditions. Built-in motor vibration massager relieves tension in tendons and muscles.
  • THERAPY: Promotes local metabolism and circulation, relieves muscle spasmsreduces inflammation and increases blood stasis absorption. The Electric Knee Massager utilizes heat therapy and vibrating massage.
  • MASSAGE: Built-in motor vibration massager, relieves tension in tendons and muscles.
  • ELECTRIC: Developed for best results, the Electric Knee Massager comes with an adjustable temperature in 3 modes.
  • SMART: Besides all of the benefits you get from the Electric Knee Massager, you will also be able to have control over the time settings for your massager, having available 3 time settings for your massage options.